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WHAT chocolate to buy ?

Raw cocao powder is made is made from cacao seeds of the Theobroma (Food of gods) Cacao tree. Wide range of accumulating scientific research has linked raw cocao powder consumption to have over 40 distinct health benefits.

Our raw cocao  powder contains high cacao butter without any vegetable oil or preservatives & sugar.  The percentage of cocoa butter decides the quality of chocolate.

The quality and health benefits depend on the purity of cacao powder and purity of cocoa butter.

Latest food to health research concludes that Raw cocao powder reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It reduces stress, inflammation and boost memory and mood.

Controls C-reactive protein in blood.

It is rich in fibre iron, magnesium, copper manganese and few other minerals.

Improves blood flow in arteries and reduces risk aetrial fibrillation.

All chocolate manufacturer add vegetable oil instead of cacao butter & further add sugar. This both additives are as good as adding poison to it. This makes almost all forms of chocolate in the market, detrimental to normal good health & life.


So now you know what chocolate to buy ? Buy our raw chocolate
(cocao powder ). Consume our raw cacao powder on regular basis for its great health benefits.

Add to your daily Smoothies, Hot/Cold chocolate, Bakery, Confectionary & all other food items.